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I'm Jessica Batiste, founder of Classy Rebel™. Born and raised in Southern California, I have always been intrigued with the cultures that surrounded me. I was a Nic-at-Nite kid so watching all of the vintage shows sparked my taste in vintage hair, makeup, and fashion. The styles were just so fascinating to me and I attempted these styles on myself and anyone else who would let me try. Eventually this practice made perfect and I  eventually started making human hairpieces for myself to switch up my looks and surprisingly got asked to make that same pieces for others. These led up to the creation of the wonderful, timeless, Classy Rebel.  


Classy Rebel™ encompasses the classy and rebellious side in all of us women. It's more than just hair and looks, it's versatility and true confidence. Classy Rebel™ is for all women to achieve versatility with their hair and style rather than being confined to one look. One day, add class pin curls to your custom wig and the very next day snap on a Clip-in Bettie Bang™ to rev up the rebel in you. Take hair breaks and wrap your hair in a head wrap or a toque. All of our hair pieces are  100% human hair & each of our accessories is completely original and genuinely handmade. Lookout for our events so I may assist in bringing out the Classy Rebel™ that lies within!

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