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Do you ship international?

Yes, worldwide. All addresses must be written in English in order for USPS to accept and ship any package.


Do you have a storefront?

No, Classy Rebel™ is completely online. 


How long is processing?

Each handmade piece has a specific ship out date. Each item is genuinely handmade by one person so PLEASE BE PATIENT, We understand how excited you are to receive your order but we ask that our customers wait for THE SHIPMENT DATES to process before reaching out. EXPECT DELAYS DURING GLOBAL PANDEMICS, NATURAL DISASTERS, HOLIDAYS, WEEKENDS, AND SALES.

Why is processing so long?

All items are handmade by one person. The owner is currently working with high profile clients which require a lot of travel and commitment. This is why all items will be considered PRE-SALE until the bulk ship out dates. We know you can choose to shop anywhere but we are a one of a kind shop that truly hand makes each and every hairpiece with care.

How long is shipping?

United States customers will receive their package via USPS First Class shipping which is roughly 2-5 business days after post office acceptance. Please note, just because a label notification has been sent, does not mean the actual package has shipped. We prepare packages in our studio in the order received and later fulfill them for shipment. If you notice a delay, please give us 5 days before you reach out. International customers will receive their package via USPS First Class 2 week+ shipping. Classy Rebel™ is no longer responsible for your package once it has been picked up by USPS. If you are experiencing delays during your shipment, please contact 800-ASK-USPS and reference your tracking number for updates on the location of your package. If your package is lost or stolen after delivery, Classy Rebel is not responsible for replacements nor refunds.


How can I track my package?

Once your order has completely processed, you will receive an automated email from Paypal & our website with your tracking number attached. This means your label has been PRINTED. Give USPS 5 days to scan and activate your tracking number before reaching out in regards to the whereabouts of your package.  

What are my options if I entered the wrong address during checkout?

Any address entered by the customer is the exact address that is used for shipment. If your order has not yet been shipped, please contact us as soon as you realize the mistake and we will update the shipment address in our systems. Please be aware that if the address does not match the PayPal checkout address, you are completely responsible for the correct or incorrect delivery of the address and your email request will be used as proof of the change. If the package has already shipped prior to your realization or if we do not see your message in time, the outcome is completely out of our hands. The customer is 100% responsible.


How do I select the correct hair color for myself?

If you are unfamiliar with extension colors, we recommend visiting your local beauty supply and do a color match. Present the 6 color options we have available. Most extension colors are typically universal. Please note that these are "EXTENSION COLORS" and not "level colors" used by beauticians. Beauticians can color, trim, or style your pieces but they cannot "fix" them or "adjust" them. If you need further assistance, please contact us directly at


Can I dye or apply heat to the hair?

Yes, all of our hair is 100% human hair

*Platinum Blonde (#613) -  great as is, for toning, or for depositing custom hair colors.

*Strawberry Blonde (#27) - great as is or for color matching reds & browns.

Black (#1) - are created to remain as is and are NOT recommended for lifting nor depositing.

Darkest Brown (#1B) - A very dark brown, close to black. Created to remain as is an are not recommended for lifting or depositing color.

Natural Brown (#2) - A redish brown.  Created to remain as is and is not recommended for lifting nor depositing unless trying to achieve a darker color. 

If you custom color your human hairpiece and are not happy with the outcome or damage the hairpiece in the process, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE AND WILL NOT REFUND NOR REPLACE YOUR ITEM.

How can I place a custom order?

Please email photos and very detailed information regarding your request to Please allow 24 - 72 hours for a response.


The item I want is out of stock. When will it be restocked?

If your item is unavailable, please be patient. We restock often. Some items are seasonal or limited time only. Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance regarding product availability.

I ordered during a major sale. What should I expect?

Customers should expect extreme delays during sales. We also do not include packaging with extremely marked down items, just the product itself. The product itself may also come with less materials. We do not allow refunds on regular priced items just to be exchanged for a sale item. We do not allow cancellations nor changes on sale items. This is all due to the fact that we are a small business, we work on each piece one by one, by hand. All payments are immediately invested into materials and creating the product for all orders. We are not a factory so please be sure of your purchase prior to check out. 


Can I change or cancel my order?

There are no refunds nor exchanges on orders. If you made an error during checkout, we will allow 24 hours to adjust your order and will bill for any price differences before the change is made. We will refund you any differences if necessary. THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS AFTER PURCHASE, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

My human hairpiece looks misshaped straight out of the package. Is something wrong?

Your human hairpiece is completely fine. This is just the way it looks when it comes out of the package. There are instructions provided to assist you with maintaining you human hairpiece. (Please do not ask your beautician how-to "use" or "fix" our handmade hairpieces. This is not what they are trained to do.) Our hairpieces are one of a kind so we provide many outlets if you need assistance. Start with your instruction card, our HOW-TO tutorials, or email us at Not everyone is familiar with our unique products so we are always here to help.

Why is my coupon code not working?

During checkout, be sure your coupon code is spelled correctly. If the code is typed in UPPER CASE, then the code should be entered in all caps. If you continue to see an error, please reach out to our customer service team. We will honor your code if the request is made before the coupon expires. Coupon codes are not valid on cancelled orders to apply to new orders, WIGS or PRE-SALES at anytime. If a coupon is added to a wig or pre-sale item, we will reach out for the additional funds or cancel your order with a $5 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If I am displeased with my purchase, can I return or exchange it? 

No, all purchases are final sale. Please ask any and all questions before purchase. If there is an issue with your order, you have 48 HOURS from the delivery date to contact Classy Rebel™ for an adjustment or fixture on any product. Please contact customer service with photos and order number supporting your concern.

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